MEGA roundup

It might look as if we are taking a time off as there has not been a post for several weeks. Just the opposite is true!
MEGA has a lot going on, some things are not to be told yet, others are: The MEGAphone prototype is taking shape, the MEGA65 is becoming very usable, pre-series models are about ready to be shipped and we have started producing open-source replacement ROMs for the legendary C64 which already can run a lot of original software.
Please feel invited to browse the roundup compilation of images and to visit MEGA member Paul’s blog every once in a while where you will find in-depth and technical information about all MEGA65 related activities!

Portable Classics

For “Digital Day for All” during the 1st Digital Week in Leer, we presented various portable computers and electronic devices from the past. By portable computers we do not mean what can be compared to today’s laptops, but classics like Kaypro II, Commodore SX64 or Macintosh Classic. However, we also showed really compact device classics, including a Motorola StarTac phone, various Game & Watch handheld games, the Vectrex 3D Imager, great calculators from Commodore and Texas Instruments, one of the first e-book readers and a Watchman from Sony.

Vintage Text Computing & Gameboy meets Lagerfeuer

At the DARIAH-DE Grand Tour 2018, we successfully proved that already more than 30 years ago computers not just allowed to write adventures, but more importantly to interactively experience them. We are of course talking about text adventures, one of the formative genres of computer game history.
In addition to the classic “Zork” (1977), visitors could also enjoy “The Hobbit” (1982) and the German graphic adventure “Magic Castle” (1984). Fittingly, the 8-bit duo Pornophonique from Darmstadt told musical stories with the help of a Gameboy and a guitar and brought the audience to dance with their own compositions as well as well-known cover hits.

Hit Me Baby One More Time! updated

The new website is online! While there still (and always) is room for improvement and most renderings are pre-versions, we are pretty happy with the new fancy look of the page. Nevertheless, for less polished work-in-progress shots and news you can always visit Paul’s blog or come here.

MEGA65 keyboards

Summer break is over so we are again busy working on the MEGA65. While the big page update with some decent news is almost finished we want to share some impressions of the new MEGA65 keyboards. Our friends at GMK have done an incredible job producing these uncompromising mechanical keyboards. Metal frames, cherry MX switches, four RGB LEDs, CPLD based bus system and other details make the best keyboards we can imagine. But please find out for yourselves…

Programming Basics (squared)

MEGA now offers the learning program “programming 1×1″ not only for elementary school students, but up to and including upper secondary/high school. The workshop at the private school LFS in Bensheim / Germany was a complete success, we thank in particular Mr. Schulz for his commitment and his enthusiasm!