MEGA65 interview @ Scene World

Word is spread about the MEGA65 project on all channels! A brand new podcast was recently published by Scene World Magazine, the most eclectic and the world’s only C64 NTSC & PAL diskmag. It features almost 90 minutes of MEGA65 insights, discussed between Scene World interviewers Arthur J. “AJ” Heller and Joerg Droege as well as MEGA65 team members Detlef Hastik, Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen and Dr. André Kudra. The interview, starting at 19:03 in the podcast, not only dives into technical details on the MEGA65 but also reveals the reasons why some retro enthusiasts embarked on possibly the greatest 8-bit journey ever in 2015.

MEGA65 second prototype

Our mega project the MEGA65 open 8-bit computer reached the next milestone! Please take a look at the photos straight from the lab. C64 compatibility of the MEGA65 already surpasses the C65, the speed of the machine has once again increased and there will be even more ports than initially planned. We are working hard to deliver the best 8-bit computer ever!

Programming Basics: The Games

Programming basics: Now that the winter lessons have ended, and all participants were rewarded, not only with the knowledge of how to program a computer, but also with a certificate from MEGA and the first fully playable game that they have created themselves — they did everything from painting the graphics to writing the code that they needed themselves. Please find their epic space battles in the gallery.

Lost Gems: Dark Castle (1986)

After receiving a generous donation from a Swiss fellow named “Louis” which -among other machines- included a boxed early Macintosh Plus we decided to play a bit with this Mac. Spotting an original game in the shelves we did not test yet it turned out to be a lot of fun: Dark Castle by Silcon Beach Software 1986. A truly great action adventure for a wonderful classic machine. Thank you Louis!

MEGA65 first prototype

At the AMIGA30 years event in Neuss, Germany, we showed the first MEGA65 prototype. The machine could be touched and fully tried out, all modes were usable and visitors played games using classic joysticks attached to the machine or coded some BASIC programs. The MEGA65 received a lot of attention by the audience and former Commodore employees – we learned to know a lot of interesting people and found new friends. You can find the talk about MEGA65 by clicking this link.

Exhibition: Animated Wonderworlds

The exhibition Animated Wonderworlds at Museum für Gestaltung Zurich is a wonderful modern trip through the facettes of animated images and electronic versatility. Our Tamagotchi collection can be seen in the exhibition, from the very first pre-series-one japanese male and female version over the japanese series one and the european first edition up to the newest generation. Make sure to visit the exhibition before 10th of January if you can!