Limitations spark creativity – this is a known fact in the demo scene and also applies to real life. While painting or “pixelating” graphics in low resolutions and with a very limited numbers of colors (like 2, 4 or 16) is complicated, there is another discipline to do retro graphics: using charset only (ASCII) or the Commodore- (and of course MEGA65-)specific PETSCII characters. This charset was designed by Leonard Tramiel, son of Commodore CEO Jack Tramiel. While there is a lot of PETSCII art, only few authors dared to make games that only use PETSCII. Tero Heikkinen, aka Dr. TerrorZ, is one of those daring coders and designers and created the wonderful and arty game DIGILOI in PETSCII. And even better: He licensed MEGA to bundle DIGILOI with every MEGA65 computer! While you can test-run it on an emulator, please be advised that only playing it with real latency-free hardware and a proper Joystick will give you the real thing!

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