NERDIFIED? vernissage

The exhibition opening of NERDIFIED? on Saturday 22nd of February 2014 drew large crowds. After a short speech by head of the city council of the town of Bensheim Carola Heimann Canan Hastik gave a short introductory speech, presented the project MEGA eV and the team and explained the motivation behind this exhibition. The idea for an exhibition about nerd culture was developed by three students of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Myriam Göttisheim, Teresa Boenisch and Catherine Meyer in winter semester 12/13.

Until 30th of March first developments of the hobbyist and academic nerd culture are on display, for example a model railway and Tennis for Two. The beginning of commercialization, shaped by technological developments such as the Commodore 64 and the Apple Macintosh, as well as mainstream products from the fields of movies and games are on display. The exhibition makes clear on how our daily lives would look without the developments of the nerds. It also becomes clear that nerds are creative designers. How much nerd’s in each of us can also be tested.

NERDIFIED? program

Exhibition opening
Saturday, 22 February 2014 at 5 pm

Museum Bensheim
Entrance: Marktplatz 13 – 64625 Bensheim
Navi: Platanenallee (Car Park, Exit Marktplatz)

Nerds and geeks 3.0: From stereotype to subculture to mainstream

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In 1990 SONY brought the first eBook reader to the market, the Data Discman. The “Electronic Books” were small 8cm mini CDs that were used in a cartridge (caddy). To produce EBG-standard books it was necessary to use the authoring software from SONY which imports the data as plain text and then converts it to the SGML format that looks a little like HTML. To learn more about the origins of the eBooks MEGA has studied the EBG format and converted the brochure EMERGENT<IMG> into a historic eBook. If you are interested in this eBook please use the contact form!


The culture of collecting in the field of computer and video games experiences a growing number of active people worldwide. Due to the powers of innovation, quality, playability and design the Game & Watch series has now the reputation of being the “Märklin train” of video games. In fact these Nintendo systems are unique and arouse more nostalgia for visitors to our exhibitions than the Commodore C64. Reason enough for much later-born video game enthusiasts to be interested in and afford one or more collector’s items. Continue reading…


On 22nd of February 2014 we launch the new special exhibition NERDIFIED? at Museum Bensheim. NERDIFIED? is devoted to issues surrounding the development of computer technology and its impact on culture and society.
From the first model railway and the early days of computer technology to electronic games and digital art, the exhibition gives insight into the world of nerds and their beginnings. Various topics are accompanying illustrated through lectures and workshops. Anyone can clarify for themselves the question: How much nerd is in me?

MEGA in Amsterdam

From 5th-7th November 2013 MEGA presented the exhibition “Game On. Single-Multi-Team” at the RAI Convention Center Amsterdam for SAP TechEd. For the fifth time MEGA was traveling on a retro gaming mission for SAP. Exhibits ranged from Famicom Mario Bros., Bubble Bobble on C64, Amiga 500 with Sensible Soccer to Duke Nukem 3D, which is not censored in the Netherlands, in a network. These provided a decent level of entertainment, awoke old memories and also inspired in terms of “limitations cause us to be creative.”