Tatort Tabletops

The “Tatort Dortmund” episode “Monster” was broadcast on 02.02.2020. Without knowing the subject of this episode, and yet with a vague foreboding, MEGA e.V. packed several boxes with over 30 exhibits, including tabletops, handhelds and consoles as props in February 2019.
This Tatort episode dares to tackle a difficult but everyday topic: sexual (child) abuse. The potential for reflection lies in the representation of stereotypes, here a single mid-40 year old internet seller of old (video) toys. It is indisputable to ask why the video game scene is stereotypically associated with pedophile social scenarios and cultural practices. There is widespread public consensus that mass media and technology use are questionable pastimes, pose a threat to young people, and promote instinctive, violent behavior, crime and immorality.
At this point, reference should be made to a current edition of the Widerscreen magazine, which is dedicated to the topic of sexuality and play in a special edition, which has so far been little reflected scientifically and socially.

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