10th anniversary & MEGA65 release

The event on Saturday, August 27th 2022 delighted many hearts and the MEGA65 release was a complete success. IT specialists, experts for hardware and software, MEGA65 users, involved developers and their kids as well as other interested parties did participate. We welcomed Prof. Dr. Bernd Ulmann, who demonstrated his new development The Analog Thing, as a guest speaker. Playable stations in the exhibition were an Atari Video Music, a Deamcast loaded with Soul Calibur, which was occupied by elementary school students for hours, an Atari VCS with H.E.R.O, an NES with Zelda, a Sharp X68000 with Chourensha and Doshin the Giant on a Nintendo 64DD, which activated the bigger ones and the nostalgic, and finally T42 – Tennis for Two, which with CODE RED/Adventure Vision and SHizZLE/Pokemon Mini complemented previous MEGA activities in the context of reconstruction, development and digital art & craft. It will certainly not have been the last event – if you want to learn more about the MEG65 community or even take part, you should stop by here.

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