MEGA65 batch two

Despite the worldwide situation the 2nd batch of MEGA65 computers is shipping in this a busy yet successful year – making it a total of 920 MEGA65 out in the wild! The PCBs are currently being tested.

Everybody owning a MEGA65 from batch 1 or a DevKit can freely upgrade their machines to the current stable state. As usual all necessary files and information are available at the FileHost.

Just in time the famous C64 core has been published as Release 4 boosting original C64 compatibility to an impressive level. We wish everyone a nerdy Christmas!

First timers: Dan’s MEGA65 Welcome Guide is a good place to get up and running. Additionally join the Discord server and head to the channel #welcome-new-owners. To keep you updated Dan’s MEGA65 Digest gives insights into the development and specific topics such as the “Sounds of the SID” in the latest entry from November.

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