Adventure Vision

Adventure Vision

Developed by Entex 1982 this cartridge-based game is one of the rarest objects of technological history. The peculiarity of the Adventure Vision is the motor that is responsible for the video output. Based on 40 red LEDs in combination with a rotating mirror, it is comparable to the Nintendo Virtualboy from 1995 and the Vectrex from 1983.


As part of the media-archaeological study the system has been analyzed and documented. The result is a detailed AdventureVision Development WIKI. Freely accessible documentation information on this platform has been summarized on the following topics:

  • Hardware
  • BIOS calls
  • CPU (8048)
  • APU (COP411)
  • Video circuit
  • Sprites (BIOS)
  • Cartridge information

Making of

We introduce the ENTEX Adventure Vision as a new demoscene platform. Video includes disassembly, presentation of the dev tools and first steps of recreation in LEGO.

Demo: Code Red

As a first example the demo program “code red” was written in 4 kilobytes and also published on Revision 2013.

The complete documentation for developers is available for download at MEGA Adventure Vision Webshare

  • Demo release
  • Source code
  • Dev tools like tech specs and data sheets, emulator, assembler for osx, linux and win as well as original roms
  • Videos