Day Three @ Ars Electronica

Another major focus in “Ludic Memento” is the juxtaposition of original home computers and emulators. Presented are classic home computers of the 1980s with various storage media, such as audio cassette, 3.5 and 5¼-inch floppy disks. Emulation is a central concept to replicate no longer available computer systems using modern hardware. But here we encounter some problems. Depending on whether it is an open or closed platform the quality of emulation varies. Emulators often are only 80% true to the original hardware and therefore have problems with graphical or auditory output or the synchronization of both. In addition there are losses to the haptics, it is no longer necessary to fiddle with storage media because content is either integrated in the internal memory or only virtually existent. As part of the exhibition MEGA shows how important it is to preserve originals and presents an approach to provide originality and haptics and the experience of both.

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