First physical MEGA65 release

One of the most captivating science fiction stories surfaced in 2018 for classic 8-bit and 16-bit systems when Berlin based author Stefan Vogt released his game Hibernated with great impact and praise. Being a well-known member of the retro-scene, he is now widely cited for reviving the genre of text adventures with his new releases for the still relevant home computers of the 1980s.

Being an avid fan of the works from the legendary Infocom, Stefan now completely rewrote his classic to a full-featured interactive fiction piece using Infocom’s Z-machine standard. As an early supporter and adopter of the MEGA65, Stefan owns one of the 100 DevKits; it was a no-brainer for him to bring his newest effort as a native MEGA65 version. With Hibernated 1 – Director’s Cut we are more than proud to have the first physical release in the roster, more to follow. The original 3,5″ DD Disk will auto-boot when put in your MEGA65 disk drive.

You can order the game from Stefan’s publisher Poly.Play. The box itself is a 1:1 interpretation of Infocom’s stunning physical releases, and it goes well next to any Infocom collection. Look how wonderful that box is!

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