Presentation: Quo Vadis Game Development by Franz Stradal (Friday 21nd of March – 7 p.m.)
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Franz Stradal developed software for 20 years and for 17 years computer games. While studying electrical engineering, he was mainly concerned with industry and user software before turning exclusively to the game development and has worked as a programmer, technical director, designer and manager.

The lecture is a retrospective through the world of graphic effects and their use in computer games from the 1980s until today.

Target audience: Intested in technology and design, approximately 45 minutes

Workshop: Learn to scratch – Programming without previous knowledge ( 21st of March)
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In this workshop for people without any prior knowledge the question What is programming? will be answered and the opportunity given to have their own first programming experience.

In just one and a half hours you can learn how to program with Scratch. The programming environment allows intuitive learning without typos. On the stage novice programmers can visualize the fruits of their labor. Scratch is creative, explorative and free. The MEGA team members Andreas Liebeskind and Alexander Nik Petra attend this workshop in which participants learn to deal with the programming environment and how to develop their own game.

Target audience: Intested in technology and design and 5th grade up, approximately 90 minutes

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