Are we nerdified?

Are we all nerdified?

Presentation: Retromania and nostalgia of digital media culture by Dominik Schrey (Saturday 29nd of March – 5 p.m.)
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Dominik Schrey studied German Literature and Culture (with emphasis on Media Studies) at Universität Karlsruhe, Germany. Since he finished his Master’s degree in late 2008 with a thesis on the motif of the time machine as a figuration of media epistemology, he is a research assistant at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), teaching courses in media and cultural studies. Additionally, he is working on his PhD thesis on “Analog Nostalgia in Digital Media Culture” (supervised by Prof. Andreas Böhn).

His lecture focuses on our popular culture that is obsessed with its own past and increasingly exhausted in recycling, remixing and quoting from existing material. Responsible for this comeback of nostalgia is the fear of breathtakingly fast progressive digitalisation of the world. In fact it seems as if the rapidly increasing availability of cultural artifacts of the past and at the same time accelerated change of their media constitution bring forward a whole lot of – in the broadest sense – nostalgic phenomena.

The lecture uses paradigmatic examples from different areas of digital media culture to answer the question of the causes for this designated cultural phenomenon called Retromania by pop theorist Simon Reynolds.

Target audience: Interest in media culture, approximately 45 minutes

Workshop: Think Hollywood by Philomena Höltkemeier (28th of March)
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Philomena Höltkemeier is a story consultant for feature film & TV series, based in Germany, working with writers and producers in Europe and the US. To turn an idea into a quality project, Philomena Höltkemeier offers story development and script consulting for motion picture, TV, games and commercials.

Working as a filmmaker? What is a script? What makes a good script? And … why is the next blockbuster not coming from Hessen? You can do this!

This workshop will begin with a short lecture on Hollywood and the typical Hollywood films. The focus is on an introduction to writing screenplays. The aim is to develop own ideas and to discuss them critically. Recommendations for action and many tips related to developing, writing, and marketing of suitable scenarios are given.

Visit the website and the facebook page of Philomena Höltkemeier.

Target audience: Interest in media culture and 10th grade up, approximately 180 minutes

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