Interactive Fiction

With game graphics becoming more and more realistic, there has been a reanaissance of classic text adventures lately. Today called Interactive Fiction, text adventure games rely on high quality writing to base the story on and support the gamer with. While flashy graphics may be used, they are used to embellish the power of the text, not to replace it.
One of the biggest players in this industry was Infocom with their so-called Z-machine, poweing many fantastic classics like Zork, The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Planetfall. Text adventures aged so well that there are even new ones being released, like Hibernated 2 and Tristam Island (both available for MEGA65).
It has been over due to announce Z-machine for the MEGA65 computer, ported by MEGA65-team member Bit Shifter. Whether you use it on your real MEGA65 or with XEMU, there are dozens of intriguing worlds and stories to be discovered!

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