Program: Nerdified?

Museum Bensheim
Entrance: Marktplatz 13 – 64625 Bensheim
Navi: Platanenallee (Car Park, Exit Marktplatz)

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The vernissage will take place on February 22nd 2014 at 5:00pm.

Welcome: Representative of Bensheim
Exhibition launch: Canan Hastik, MEGA e.V.
Keynote: (6:30pm)
“Nerds and Geeks 3.0: From stereotype to subculture to mainstream?”
Mareike Glöss (Department of Informatics and Media, Uppsala University)


Guided tours
To take part in our free guided tours please sign up here.

First experiments by Prof. Dr. Bernd Ulmann (Thursday, 6th of March)
Presentation “Analog Computing” by Prof. Dr. Bernd Ulmann (7 p.m.)
Workshop “Z80 my digital computer” by Prof. Dr. Bernd Ulmann (4.30 p.m.)

Nerds Can Dance Party (15th of March)
On March 15th we will be hosting the Nerds Can Dance Party with Pornophonique at the “Fantasy Night” club in Bensheim. Tickets are € 5,00 (discount until 11.30pm when showing an exhibition ticket and free entrance when wearing a super nerdy outfit aswell!)

Programming (Friday, 21th of March)
Presentation “Quo Vadis Game Development” by Franz Stradal Friday, 21th of March, 7 p.m.
Workshop “Learn to scratch – Programming without previous knowledge” by Alexander Nik Petra and Andreas Liebeskind of MEGA e.V. (already booked up)

Are we all nerdified? (28th and 29th of March)
Presentation “Retromania and nostalgia of digital media culture” by Dominik Schrey, 29th of March, 5 p.m.
Workshop “Think Hollywood” by Philomena Höltkemeier (already booked up)

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