Digital revolution

Digital Revolution

March 15, 2011 at SAP DKOM in Mannheim (SAP Arena, Trainingshalle)

An exhibition about revolutionary inventions and life in a digital world.

The exhibition “Digital Revolution” is a project lead by the Museum of Electronic Games & Art in cooperation with SAP. During the exhibition, curated by Canan Hastik, 15 groundbreaking exhibits in computerisation will be shown.

Experience digital technology, culture and art

Progress in computer technology and digitalisation generated radical change and transition in all areas of life. In many aspects the digital revolution, triggered by the invention of the microchip, still continues today. The technology is not only a work tool and toy for artists it is also a medium of personal use.

Within this framework the exhibition concept ties into the history of SAP. Parallel to milestones in SAP development exhibits of diverse platforms from the last four decades will be shown and staged. An area of the exhibition equipped with functional and playable exhibits offers visitors a comprehensive approach to individual prominent accomplishments

List of exhibits

Magnavox Odysse (1972), Philips Telespiel (1977), Atari 2600 (1977), MB Microvision (1979), Sinclair ZX81 (1981), Amstrad CPC 464 (1984), Acorn Archimedes (1987), Sega Mega Drive (1989), Watara Supervision (1992), Atari Jaguar (1993), Bandai/Atmark/Apple Pippin (1996), Sega Dreamcast (1998), Tapwave Zodiac (2003), Nokia N-Gage (2003), Nintendo Wii (2006)


Curator: Canan Hastik
Exhibition design: Canan Hastik and Simone Jaeger
Technical director and items on loan: Detlef Hastik
Organisation: Canan Hastik and Alexander Jung
Editing: Andreas Liebeskind and Alexander Nik Petra


Canan Hastik (M.Eng)