C64 for MEGA65

MJoergen and sy2002 just released the Commodore 64 for MEGA65 core version 5 and their MiSTer2MEGA65 framework version 1.0.
MEGA65 owners can now easily and of course freely add another personality to their computers: An incredibly compatible and enhanced C64! As a reminder: this is not emulation but virtual hardware with the same speed and capabilities as the original, you get perfectly sounding dual SID chips, REU RAM expansion, simulated and real cartridge compatibility (including flashing and using all EasyFlash versions), full IEC port compatibility, old TV support, flicker free HDMI and a lot more.
The core is so compatible that almost all (99.9%) of all demos ever produced work flawlessly – including the latest from 2023. Download the .COR file, put it onto your SD card, start your MEGA65 with NO SCROLL key pressed and flash the C64 core into slot 2 or higher. If you have upgraded your slot 0 core, the C64 core will be auto-selected once a C64 cartridge is inserted. More infos -as usual- on Discord.

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