After quite a journey in these troubled times, a FOENIX has arrived at the MEGA archive. The C256 FOENIX is “a new retro computer” based on the WDC 65C816 CPU, a 8/16-bit microcontroller running at 14 MHz. Like the MEGA65 it is FPGA based, which means you get all the advantages of “real chips” over emulation based system. The FOENIX sports nice features like Sprites, SID and OPL3 audio chips and BASIC. It is worth mentioning that there is no big team behind this machine, but a single person (with help of the community): Stefany Allaire. In some of the pictures we have added the first MEGA65 prototype keyboard, which looks a lot like the new FOENIX keyboard (and also the Commander X16 one), and a MEGA65 for size comparism – enjoy!

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