Data & Media archaeology

The diversity of media makes the development of a universal preservation strategy impossible. However, professional studies allow the identification of criteria which can then be transferred to individual facets. Taking into consideration that computer-based works are more fragile than those of an analogue kind, we are now experiencing the beginning of media archaeology and a “culture of repairing”. Together with documentation of the development and application context the historicity of these works becomes visible and allows a transfer of knowledge of objects and values.

At summer semester 2013 at the Department of Media Hochschule Darmstadt a seminar titled ” Media Archaeology Series: Discover, Analyze, Document and Interpret Vintage Games ” led by Canan Hastik started. Systematic design, reception, technology and documentation of lost goods in the field of electronic games are being analyzed. From media-cultural approaches gaming platforms are subjected using theoretical analysis and detailed material studies. The media contents are interpreted and their effects analyzed. In the context of technological development, the importance of this media technology is emphasized. The aim is to understand media archeology as an artistic method and use. Thus media-archaeological examination can stimulate the development of new ideas.

Media Technology

Digital Arts and Crafts
(Adventure Vision case study)

As part of the media-archaeological study the system has been analyzed and documented.
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(T42: Tennis for Two case study)

With the goal of documenting a milestone of the electronic games history and once again out of sheer joy in experimenting and spirit of research T42 (pronounced “Tea for two”) has been created, the only existing 100% analog and fully playable reconstruction of Tennis for Two by William Higinbotham from 1958. [...]

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Reconstruction and Development
(MEGA65 8-Bit Computer)

MEGA65 is an open-source new and open C65-like computer. Hardware designs and software are open-source (LGPL). [...]

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(Preservation advice: Old macs and batteries)

(Preservation advice: Old Lisa also needs some love)